Branching Out: Our MyInnerView Customer Satisfaction Survey

by Cindy Longfellow

We believe that quality is knowing an individual and being attentive to their needs and wishes!

At Juniper Village we let our residents and their families define quality—quality of life.  After all, quality living means the ability to make choices for oneself, whenever possible.  To understand an individual and their choices, you need to know them, have a relationship with them.  We work hard on building those relationships at Juniper Village from the first call, to setting up a personalized schedule of activities the week you move in to communicating with your family monthly.  We facilitate and coordinate getting information from and to your doctors’ offices. We assure you have a caregiver who consistently serves you and who can notice and help with those little things.  After all, it is all about nurturing the spirit of those whose life we touch!

Quality is best measured by our friends and family.

There are many ways to measure quality.  We think the best way  is to ask people who use our services what they think.  Each year for more than a decade we have surveyed our residents and or their families to find out how we rate in every area of our service and program—and overall.

This year for the first time, we partnered with a national, independent survey company to perform our formal customer satisfaction survey.  MyInnerView, is a survey company that specializes in evaluating senior living customer satisfaction.  They are dedicated to providing evidence-based management tools so senior care leaders can do more to enhance quality of life and quality of care for their residents, families and  other stakeholders.  We felt this was a good match to our goal of providing quality, individualized care and service.

Over the years, we have learned that one simple question paints the big picture—would you recommend us to your friends or family. Known to researchers as the “net promoter score”, this is the strongest statement of satisfaction.  When a resident or family member recommends Juniper Communities to family and friends, he or she is saying that our staff provides quality care and service and they are happy with the services provided.  Across all of Juniper Communities, our net promoter score or “would you recommend us to others” is consistently high.

Do we have room for improvement?  Of course we do.  And we have heard your concerns loud and clear.  Please know that we will use the results of our customer satisfaction surveys to drive improvement in specific challenge areas for each community.  Next year our goal is that 100% of our friends, families and residents will resoundingly recommend us to others!

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