The Dreaded Conversation: 9 Tips for Talking with Mom and Dad About Senior Living

by Jeanine Genauer

The holiday season is a wonderful time for reuniting with family and friends. It is also a time we may notice warning signs that our aging elders are no longer safe to live alone.  That realization can lead to the dreaded conversation.  Being prepared will make it easier on you all.

When it’s time to have the talk, these nine tips can help avoid accusations, frustration and anger. Continue reading

8 Warning Signs to Look for in Your Parent this Holiday Season

by Eileen Howard, National Clinical Director, Juniper Communities

If your parent(s) live far away, will you be visiting for the first time in several months? If you live nearby, will you be spending more time with your parent(s) than usual? In either case, you may see things you hadn’t noticed before or recognize things you had overlooked. Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

by Tara Williamson

As I sit here writing this, my husband, my father, and my son are all in the backyard disassembling our gazebo patio cover. We are moving to North Carolina later this month and are frantically packing. It is a very bittersweet time. Continue reading

Nuturing the Spirit of Life: Falls are Not an Inevitable Part of the Aging Process

by Diane Byrne

Falls can threaten the health and safety of many seniors and their families.  About 35% of people over 65 and 50% of people over 85 will fall this year.  The consequences of these falls can be devastating and can include injury, fearfulness, loss of mobility, and even death.

Until recently it was felt that falls were simply an inevitable part of aging.  But now we know differently.  Falls can be prevented or at least minimized with proper knowledge and treatment. Continue reading