Meet Redwood Health Partners

Redwood Health Partners

Redwood Health Partners

by Lynne Katzmann

In December 2013 Juniper piloted our first on site Redwood Health Partners clinic at Juniper Village the Spearly Center in Denver. In April 2014, we opened at Juniper Village at Aurora and Juniper Village at Louisville.  Each community has regular clinic hours where residents can see a primary care practitioner for routine visits or urgent needs. The Redwood Health Partners practitioners assess each individual, participate in the care planning process, and use the Juniper Village EHR (Electronic Health Record). In using our EHR they not only enter their notes, but can also see notes from staff and other ancillary providers to provide more consistent, cohesive care.

Here is a great example of the benefit to not only their onsite presence but to their electronic integration:

If a resident has a bad night and falls on their way to the bathroom, the Redwood Health Partners practitioner will see the note describing the incident first thing in the morning when they go online.  They can schedule an immediate appointment and can also write a prescription for a therapy evaluation– all within hours.  The therapy evaluation can happen that day and if needed, therapy can start the next!  When the Redwood Health Partners practitioner sees the individual, they can review their medications to determine any changes that may be needed, and if so, he or she can enter the prescription directly into the System transmitting the order to the pharmacy who makes the change, sends the new medicine and changes the EHR.  And it all happens right there and then!  Quick and easy.  Efficient and cost effective.

Redwood Health Partners clinics will open at most Juniper Villages this year. The providers are great and the personal attention and ease are hard to match!  Check it out!