Breathe in Life: August Events

by Tara Williamson

Our Alive in All Seasons’ theme for August is The Environment. Our communities will focus their efforts on maintaining healthy environments through environmentally conscious activities. Our “Green Canopy” program emphasizes designing and operating buildings that meet new standards of environmental sustainability. We are proud to be the first long-term care company with a building in the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

According to research by Go Green, Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour; 25 billion Styrofoam cups and 40 billion soft drink bottles and cans each year. Eighty-four percent of the average American’s household trash can be recycled. If we recycled just 1/10 of our newspapers 25 million trees could be saved. Are we all doing our part?

Join us this month as we learn more about the environment, expand our wide-scale recycling program, learn more about environmental sustainability programs and work with our community Green Teams to promote our “Green Canopy” initiative. We encourage you to accompany us on this environmental journey so that we can all continue to Breathe in Life!

Our fabulous activity offerings this month include our 14th Anniversary Party in Louisville as we celebrate 14 years of changing the face of aging by having a fiesta where you can kick back, have a margarita then enjoy a quality Mexican feast, and wear your sombrero or poncho as we listen to Mariachi music while watching the sun set on August 14th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm; our Shred for Charity in Naples to clean out those files for a $5.00 charge for a standard box with all proceeds benefiting St. Hubert’s Animal Shelter on August 16th from 9:00 am to noon; our Huntingdon Ridge Flea Market with a shoppers paradise spanning over the campus, where shopaholics of the world unite with Juniper Village’s proceeds to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association on August 17th from 8:00 am to noon; our “Green” Apple Family Luncheon at the historic Shenango Inn offering delicious foods with a creative twist on August 21st at noon; our Watermelon Crawl in Lamar for a spectacular end of summer bash with lawn games, face painting, water games and a watermelon crawl dance contest on August 27th from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm; our “Mount Rainier” afternoon of education and fun in Naples with light refreshments and a presentation by Steve Valdespino M.A. Brown University on August 28th at 2:30 pm; or any of our Villages’ other activities (see each Village’s Newsletter for a complete listing – all times listed here are local time for that community). Please join us for any and all activities that will help you make the most of these last few weeks of summer.

Juniper Village at Meadville Welcomes Two New Associates

by Jeanine Genauer

Renee Peterson as Connections Director and Brenton Steiger as Director of Community Relations

Juniper Village at Meadville is excited to welcome Renee Peterson and Brenton Steiger to their family of associates. “Renee and Brenton are wonderful additions to our team here in Meadville,” says Jennifer Musone, Executive Director. “Their energy and positive outlook on life will enhance our everyday operations and interactions with the residents and community.”

Renee Peterson, started June 17. She is in charge of developing a monthly calendar of activities and outings for the residents. Prior to Juniper, she was an activities aide in a nursing home for three years. When she first began in the industry, she didn’t think she could make it past her first day. But, her love of people and wanting them to experience the joy and purpose in the life they have left kept her in the industry.

Being in charge of activities, she hopes to bring more intergenerational events and opportunities to Juniper Village. Also, she wants to increase the number of outings each month in which the residents can participate. She will be looking at what works, what draws people to participate, and what doesn’t. Renee will also be getting feedback on the activities from the resident council.

Renee grew up in Hadley and now resides in Cochranton with her family. Her 9 ½ year old daughter Faith, loves going to Juniper and talking to the residents. She is always excited to be at the community.

Brenton Steiger started at Juniper Village at Meadville on June 18. He is the new Director of Community Relations and as such, will be providing tours and working on admissions for Juniper. He has a 12 year history in the health care field in several venues including home medical equipment, long term care, acute care, skilled nursing facilities, and personal care communities.

He is especially interested in being able to make true connections with the residents living at Juniper Village and their families. Brenton will be heavily engaged in promoting Juniper and its services, growing the community, and forging relationships between Juniper and the Meadville community-at-large.

Brenton is excited to be back in Meadville as he too grew up in the vicinity. He now resides in Vanango.

Stepping Up, Stepping Out (of our comfort zone) and Coming Together

by Lynne Katmann

I firmly believe that to be a good leader, one must be a good listener and a solution oriented doer.  But what does that mean in practice and how does that help an organization meet their highest reach goals?

At our 2014 annual National Leadership Conference, the top 35 leaders at Juniper Communities came together in New York City for 3 days to explore this together with Judith Katz, Fred Miller and Catherine Volk of the Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group. Since 1970, The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc. has been partnering with organizational leaders to make meaningful and sustainable change that not only positions organizations for greater success but also benefits individuals and the communities in which they are located.

As their website says, “When an organization retains our firm, they gain our commitment to “be there,” to challenge them and ourselves, to learn and grow together in partnership”.  Our goal was to learn this among our group of leaders and to develop our expertise and to build our ability to sustain these changes that transform our everyday operations in our communities.

Juniper’s founder, Lynne Katzmann first worked with Judith and Fred when she co-chaired the Social Venture Network. More recently, she became aware of their transformative work with Eileen Fisher, another woman founded, mission driven company.  Like Juniper, Eileen Fisher has developed a strong culture that unifies and guides the company and its many team members. Over the last several years, Judith and Fred have worked closely with Eileen Fisher and her leadership team to build structures and systems to assure the culture of the company is embedded throughout the dispersed sites and guides decisions as well as assuring that all team members are aligned with the company goals and engaged to produce the desired results.  As Juniper enters its second generation and celebrates more than 25 years, we need to do similarly.

Being inclusive is at the heart of the work Kaleel Jamison does.  To begin their work with Juniper they did extensive research into our programs and what challenges them and what makes them succeed.  Not surprisingly, they did this with a series of community site visits, interviews of staff at all levels and an on-line questionnaire.  The results were illuminating and provided great fodder for an energetic discussion at the conference.

What changed with their assistance?  Most notably, the level of discourse and exchange of ideas—both supportive and critical.  Everyone talked and Judith and Fred devised exercises that required input in small and large groups by everyone in attendance.  And they created a safe environment by structuring questions and report outs and mentoring us to see criticism as something from which to learn and grow.  When someone criticized me, Judith whispered in my ear a suggestions to thank that individual for their candor and willingness to be open.  As the CEO, this gave others permission to speak their mind without fear and the resultant conversation became one where as leaders that achieve in Jim Collins’s research do—we listened and heard and were solution oriented.  It was fun and invigorating and we walked away with a long list of great ideas that without doubt will make Juniper an even better company and helps us to walk our talk to “nurture the spirit of life”.

Juniper Communities Purchases Brookline Village, Increases Portfolio Size 25%

by Jeanine Genauer

Juniper Communities has announced that as of close of business yesterday, July 9, 2014, it has acquired Brookline Village in State College, PA for a cost of $35,500,000. The Brookline property covers a full spectrum of retirement and senior healthcare living options. The acquisition will increase Juniper’s size and resident capacity by 25%.

Juniper Communities purchased Brookline Village using cash from its balance sheet and debt from a local bank.

“At Juniper, we are committed to a double bottom line, one of strong financial performance coupled with providing superior quality of care and service in our residences,” said Lynne Katzmann, Founder and CEO. “This property and its outstanding reputation for excellence will greatly enhance Juniper’s overall portfolio mix and strength of offerings in the region, making it a very attractive investment.”

The Brookline property consists of five buildings with a total of 274 units: 116 skilled nursing/rehabilitation, 38 memory care, 87 personal care, and 33 independent living. The expansive main campus is comprised of independent living apartments, two personal care communities, and a skilled nursing/rehabilitation and long-term care facility. A short distance from the main campus is a free-standing, purpose-built memory care community.

Juniper Communities is a privately held New Jersey-based company that owns and operates assisted living, personal care, memory care, independent living, and skilled nursing facilities. It is ranked one of the largest providers by most industry sources with 2013 revenues at $62 million, concentrating its operations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and Colorado.

“The Brookline property has been a labor of love for the Coldren family for two generations. The campus and all of the community’s buildings are in impeccable condition,” Katzmann said in describing the transaction. “Some minor updating may be needed, but more importantly, we look forward to implementing our signature programming across the campus.”

Juniper’s signature programming includes an award-winning dementia care program known as Wellspring Memory Care, a comprehensive electronic health records system, an integrated connections and activities program referred to as Alive in All Seasons, plus others. All are designed to foster the Juniper mission of nurturing the spirit of life in each individual served.

According to Katzmann, Juniper looks forward to partnering with the local providers and businesses in the area to help maintain their high standards for innovation, cost-effectiveness and quality operations. This is the seventh campus of senior living properties Juniper holds in Pennsylvania.

Juniper Village at Brookline, as the campus will be named, has held a reputation for excellence over the last 50 years that Juniper will maintain. Located in the serene valleys of Mt. Nittany in picturesque Central Pennsylvania, Juniper will continue to support the caring and professional staff who are dedicated to ensuring security, care and compassion, peace of mind and comfort for the individuals who call the community, home.


About Juniper Communities, LLC.

Juniper Communities, founded in 1988 operates long-term care communities in NJ, FL, PA and CO. Juniper is dedicated to Nurturing the Spirit of Life in each individual served and believes the keys to healthy aging are an active body, an engaged mind, and a fulfilled spirit. The company’s mission is to serve its stakeholders, residents, families, employee associates, and investors with excellence and strong dedication to the company’s hallmarks of quality, value and innovation. For more information on Juniper call 973.661.8300 or visit