2015 Awards at Juniper Leadership Conference

2015 Awards

2015 Awards

by Cindy Longfellow

Juniper celebrated its 27th anniversary this year.  Each year communities are honored for their achievements in critical operational and financial areas.

2015 Awards were presented at the 2015 Juniper Leadership Conference, held this year in Baltimore’s historic inner harbor.  Awards were presented by Lynne Katzmann, founder and CEO of Juniper Communities, and Diane Byrne, Vice President of Program, Development, Training & Operational Oversight.


Case for Coordinated Care in Senior Living

Senior Living

Senior Living

as published in 50 Plus Marketplace News and Prime Time for Seniors

By 2030, almost half of Americans will be over age 75. This age wave and shifting consumer demands have spurred previously “siloed” providers to align their thinking and care models, around improving national health.

Juniper’s healthcare delivery model, Connect 4 Life (C4L), targets the demands of the triple aim of the Affordable Care Act. Considered a thought leader in senior living, Juniper’s C4L model is raising the bar for integrated care.

First, C4L makes the most of data and outcomes to drive quality and improve health services for residents. It is a truly data informed model.

“Understanding that data will drive every aspect of healthcare over the next decade,” says Lynne Katzmann, “our model tracks over 90 measures, focused on the physical health of residents”. This enables each community to monitor clinical profiles and identify trends for intervention or improvement. Data, rather than anecdotes, enable staff to solve problems proactively.

The second component is providing care where and when needed. “Improving access to primary care for residents fosters better health,” Katzmann notes. Data from Medicare suggests that onsite primary care services in senior living reduced hospitalization of high-risk patients by nearly 40% and lengthened lives by nearly 25%. Through C4L, Juniper has established primary care practices inside their communities. Benefits include early intervention, better documentation and coordination of care.

To complete the integrated care model, ancillary services are provided onsite through partnerships. C4L cultivates well-being through promotion of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Onsite therapy services offered 7 days a week is just one example.

“Elder care providers can no longer stand outside the fray,” comments Katzmann. “They must learn to think differently. Juniper has stepped boldly into that future. Connect 4 Life’s data-driven approach, physician integration and strategic partnerships showcase today’s leading approach to elder care.”

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Mother’s Day Tips For a Successful Visit When Mom is Getting on in Years

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day

by Jeanine Genauer

Visiting mom on Mother’s Day should be a joyous occasion. For those of us whose moms are experiencing limitations from aging or are memory impaired, this can seem like a daunting task. However, a little careful planning can help make a Mother’s Day visit much more successful. Here are some tips to help make the most of the time you share on this special day:

  • Set aside a block of time for the visit, don’t have time pressure to be somewhere else
  • Bring grandchildren or others along for the visit who can bring smiles, take pictures
  • Memories are important, dig out some favorite family photos to share
  • Give mom some current photos that can be displayed , label them with names and relationships
  • Play her favorite music to trigger joyful memories, leave her with a playlist
  • Bring sweet treats, soft candies and cookies may be best
  • Stock her pantry with a few special items, longer shelf life items best
  • Create a calendar with special dates for mom to remember, bring addressed occasion cards that she can use to commemorate the events

For moms who have Alzheimer’s or other dementia, the Mother’s Day visit should be short and sweet, perhaps an hour visit.  Also, if you can, plan your visit prior to 3 p.m. so that sundowning does not interfere with the quality of the time you spend with her. Looking at old photos and reminiscing is a great way to spend the time. Although you may expect conversation difficulties, you can minimize these if you stay away though from asking questions such as, “Do you know who that is?” Rather state, “Look at Sara, your newest grandbaby. She has grown quite a bit since last year.”

Careful planning is the key to a successful Mother’s Day visit. Know what you might want to talk about or do. Work with a facility’s staff if necessary. Share your concerns and your appreciation. Creativity, flexibility, tolerance for confusion, a sense of humor, patience, commitment, time, and willingness to make the most of the moment will all add to a successful visit.

Most of all bring your love and have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Visits Juniper Village at Williamstown

Lieutenant Governor

Lieutenant Governor

by Jeanine Genauer

Juniper Communities Founder and President Lynne Katzmann was privileged as she was asked to meet with New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno to discuss senior living and elder care issues in the state of New Jersey. The meeting took place May 6th at Juniper Village at Williamstown, one of our dual levels of care campuses that offers both Wellspring memory care and Village assisted living. The Lieutenant Governor toured the facility and met with staff member and residents as she was inquiring about the impacts of regulatory statutes and assessing possible future programs. Juniper Communities President was honored to have the opportunity to share her insights with the Lieutenant Governor while learning about policies and legislation from the Governor’s office. Look for more from these two influential women in the near future.