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The following is an excerpt from an article by Ilene MacDonald of FierceHealthcare. View the complete article here.

The clinical outcomes of a new integrated model of care for frail seniors that bridges housing and healthcare are so significant that researchers believe the program has the potential for substantial Medicare cost savings.

The model provides residents with onsite, comprehensive therapy, medical care, pharmacy, and lab services. Key components to the program include a care navigator who coordinates the residents’ total care and high-tech/high-touch communications that transfer the resident’s information to ancillary and acute care services through an electronic health record.

Although Juniper Communities’ residents were older and more cognitively impaired than the overall Medicare population with similar conditions, independent researchers from Anne Tumlinson Innovations looked at 2012 Medicare Beneficiaries Survey, as well as those living in senior housing that didn’t provide an integrated healthcare program, and found Juniper’s Connect4Life program had:

  • 50% lower inpatient hospitalization rates
  • 80% lower readmission rates
  • 15% lower rate of emergency department use

“I thought the results might be good but you never know until you get the data. But I didn’t expect the significance of the results,” Lynne Katzmann, Ph.D., founder and president of the Bloomfield, New Jersey-based operator of senior communities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado, told FierceHealthcare this morning in an exclusive interview.

“The results show when you provide supportive housing and services and integrate with clinical care services you can avoid high utilization of the highest cost services,” said Katzmann, noting that it has the potential to address population health among the 5% who use 50% of healthcare resources.

Although the model is new and the research is based on a year’s worth of data, Katzmann said the results are encouraging. “The results are so strong that I think this is a model that can be replicated and have meaningful results for hospitals, health systems, Medicare Advantage plans and individual providers. It’s a win-win,” she said.

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Connect4Life Leads to Better Outcomes for Residents

Data shows Connect4Life’s high-tech/high-touch integrated services lead to higher quality care and better outcomes for residents

Executive Summary: Integrated Care in Seniors Housing that Meets
the Triple Aim

By Anne Tumlinson, MMHS and Lynne Katzmann, PhD

According to the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, more than 190 million Americans, or about 59 percent of the population, are affected by one or more chronic illnesses. Over the next 15 years (between 2016 and 2030,) 80 percent of the United States population will experience one or more chronic conditions, costing more than $42 trillion in medical care spending and losses in employment productivity.

To address these challenges and enhance the resident experience, Juniper Communities, a Bloomfield, NJ-based national owner-operator of seniors housing, developed the Connect4Life model, which provides on-site comprehensive therapy, primary care, pharmacy and lab services, integrated with other services using a “high-tech/high-touch” communications protocol that transfers information through an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and coordinates care through a human navigator.

Juniper Communities retained Anne Tumlinson Innovations (ATI) to compare Connect4Life outcomes and utilization data with data on the broader Medicare population from the 2012 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey (MCBS). The findings suggest that the Connect4Life model contributes to lower hospital readmissions and the utilization of inpatient services among a high-need resident population. The results affirm the potential of integrating select clinical care and services in a seniors housing environment that provides supportive services to those who have chronic conditions, functional limitations, and complex social needs.

The results suggest an integrated program of services in seniors housing—like Juniper’s Connect4Life —can contribute to reducing the cost of care and services to Medicare beneficiaries residing in seniors housing. More importantly, the data points to the value of the Connect4Life model for managing population health because of its ability to efficiently target integrated care interventions in the high cost, high-need Medicare population.

Juniper Communities has been a thought leader in senior living care, developing nearly a dozen innovative service and delivery programs to enhance aging, lifestyle and resident health. Recognizing opportunities in to meet the triple aim of recent health policy changes in the United States – improved customer satisfaction, evidence-base quality and lower healthcare utilization, Juniper is pioneering Connect 4 Life – one of senior living’s first truly integrated care models of assisted living care and service.

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Branching Out: Connect4Life: Something to Write Home About

by Lynne Katzmann

Like all Americans, we are living longer. And we want to live better or as we say at Juniper, “be fully alive in every season”! Today, the individuals who live in our communities have health challenges and medical needs that we need to address, while giving them the opportunity to enjoy each day without the worries typically associated with managing health care appointments, prescriptions and the like.

Connect4Life is the pioneering program we started to make care coordinated and easy to access. Equally important, Connect4Life assures that all of your providers work together to keep you well and when necessary, care for you efficiently, in your home, with us.

For most of our residents, it is reassuring to know that convenient care and service is available when needed. What we have learned is that we succeeded in providing coordinated, convenient care and service, but also achieved great clinical results. Results within Juniper’s Connect4Life program are far better than you might get at home or in a different senior living community. How do we know this?

Late last year we commissioned a group of researchers including a well-known John Hopkins scholar to review Connect4Life and help us understand whether the program actually improved wellbeing. They looked at two measures for which both we and the government (Medicare) had published reliable data: hospital admissions and hospital readmissions for the same illness within 30 days of discharge. I am happy to announce phenomenally good results! Junipers’ rates for both were substantially below other communities and even more stunning, below the rates for all 56M Medicare beneficiaries nationally regardless of where they lived. What this means is simple: convenient coordinated care is also good medicine; it keeps you healthier and allows you to live the life you want as fully as you choose. Now that’s something to write home about!

March 2017 Events at Juniper Communities: Your Treasure is Within

March 2017 Events

March 2017 Events

by Tara Williamson

Theatrical readings, colorful costumed dancers and spectacular vocal performances bring to a close our creative expression quarterly theme with a focus on performance and honoring our inner treasure – our self-worth. With so many demands on our time these days, it’s easy to always put others first and forget to care of ourselves. Also as we get older, retire from work and in some cases caretaking, we may forget our sense of value – our self-worth. A large part of nurturing the spirit of life is providing opportunities for purpose.

This month we will put an even greater focus on identifying our continued purpose and self-worth by performing purposeful activities, reminiscing and creating opportunities to treasure ourselves. Motivational speaker Anne Naylor offers these tips to help you treasure yourself: Treasure your thoughts with kindness – nurture your thoughts of gratitude and appreciation. Treasure your feelings and emotions – observe and use them as your guide. Treasure your body – treat it well with exercise, nourishment, rest, joy and laughter. Treasure your spirit – breathe, meditate and enjoy the goodness in your life. We hope you all enjoy the treasure of your wonderful self.

Please join us as we dramatically embrace performance throughout March with our weekly drama club, outings to live theatrical performances and our Oscar-themed party. Celebrate the Irish culture in grand style with our Saint Patrick’s Day event filled with food, fun and, of course, dancing! Honor yourself and recognize Your Treasure is Within this month at Juniper Village!

Our fabulous March 2017 events at Juniper Communities include our:

  • Spearly Red Carpet Awards Ceremony because it’s Oscars season, and The Spearly Center would like to celebrate our residents, so we would like to invite friends and family to our Spearly Red Carpet Awards Ceremony in our Main Dining Room as awards will be presented in various categories from Best Dressed, Most Humble, Best Connections Participant, and many more; this event will be exciting and will bring out the best in anyone, and we would love to see you there on March 2nd at 11:00 am in Denver, CO at Juniper Village at The Spearly Center.
  • Alive in All Season Dinner and Blarney Blast with Kirk Hamza for a Traditional Irish Musical Event as Kirk will be in full bloom with his accordion and dinner will be an Irish Pub Salad with Tarragon Dressing, Irish Stew, Soda Bread and Chocolate Guinness Stout Cake on March 9th at 4:40 pm in Meadville, PA at Juniper Village at Meadville. (RSVP by March 5th at 814-333-4400.)
  • The Amazing Chris Ivey as all ages are invited to this high energy, exciting juggling show that features swords and stunts by local favorite, Chris Ivey, whose show will keep you at the edge of your seat, and following the excitement stay to share in an intergenerational ice cream party with a variety of ice cream novelties will be available at this free event, so we hope you will come and be amazed on March 9th at 6:30 pm in Mount Joy, PA at Juniper Village at Mount Joy. (Please RSVP by March 8th to 717-492-9692.)
  • Peak Fitness Performance Presentation by The Genesis Team continuing with our focus on performance, we are happy to host this educational presentation by our Genesis/Theralink team who will demonstrate the health benefits of utilizing every opportunity to attain peak performance in our fitness regime, while enjoying friends at the same time, so join us as we attain “Peak Fitness Performance” together on March 20th at 1:30 pm in Williamstown, NJ at Juniper Village at Williamstown.
  • Second Wind Dreams’ Virtual Dementia Simulation by Oasis Senior Advisors that recreates the most realistic scenario utilizing a home-like environment to depict what it is like for someone living day to day with Dementia in a mobile, hands on experience that you won’t want to miss on March 23rd from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in Naples, FL at Juniper Village at Naples. (Please RSVP by March 18th to schedule your tour time with Dinelle at 239-598-1368.)
  • Swarovski Crystals Open House with earrings, bracelets and necklaces in many shapes and all the colors of the rainbow will be available for your design pleasure at an affordable price; all metals are of the finest quality from Israel and the crystals are certified Swarovski, so bring your friends and design your own unique creation or purchase from other beautifully hand-created designs, plus refreshments will be served and community tours are available on March 29th from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm in Sharon, PA at Juniper Village at The Shenango Inn. (Inquiries please call 724-347-4000.)

We look forward to sharing our March 2017 events at Juniper Communities with you as Your Treasure is Within.